Episode 54 - Scanch Farm

Our funniest episode ever! Topics include: The Montague's Underwater Motorcycle, Big Boy Time, Losing a Leg, Final Dude Mood Destination, Dream Trivia...View Details

The Digital Demon did his best to ruin this episode and we said "NO! Stay back nasty man." So here ya go. Topics include: Living Your Last Save, Adven...View Details

This episode has to be heard to be believed. It's beyond words... and I'm sorry it's late. :)

Strap in. I'm sorry. Topics include: Bagans All Nighty, Baby Got Crane Game, Bathroom Sex, Roller Coaster Poops, Veggie Yogurt Bar, Boner Belt, Baba Y...View Details

Our best Episode to date and it's Episode 50. Wow. We. Are. Good. Topics include: Dragon Bangin', Dream Pushups, Click-Click Crocodile Matrix, Monster...View Details

Check out the Goblins & Gardens Kickstarter Here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jonsacha/the-goblins-and-gardens-tarot-deck?ref=e22ttv Gett...View Details

Honestly... you're welcome.  Topics include:  Homemade Condoms, Hotdog Escapes, Crocs Promo Code, Kielbasa Killer, Ride the Sausage Down, , Scooby-Doo...View Details

Our Dad owns a lot of wind chimes and one of them is a giant one in the shape of Pyramid Head from Silent Hill (just so you know). Also, Carolyn had s...View Details

Here is a poem James made for you:  Shadow and BonesTerrible Ex-BoyfriendsSkinny Santa Fail(Santa Chubs Up to Stay Up)Blueberry Dog Towers(Bananas are...View Details

We come back in through one door and Yahoo Answers goes out the other! Join us as we celebrate Winter Rose and say goodbye to Yahoo Answers. Thanks fo...View Details

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